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Why Tennis Machines Now?

In the market for a tennis ball machine or a tennis stringing machine? Tennis Machines Now is the leading provider of tennis ball machines. Our team is standing by to answer all your questions. Since we focus on a small number of products, our team is very knowledgeable on all the products we sell.

We have been in the tennis industry for the last seven years. Our website has a variety of different tennis ball machines, stringing machines, and backboards from the top manufacturers in the industry. Buying a tennis ball machine is a big decision, especially since they are rather costly. It is important to us that our customers make the right decision for them. With a number of different factors going into the decision, it is our goal to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Brands we stock

We pick the very best so you can be assured of the quality. There can be no compromises when it comes to materials, ease of wear, and durability.

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About our Brands

Lobster Tennis Ball Machines

Since 1970, Lobster Sports has strived to operate with the utmost integrity and superior customer service. For over 40 years, Lobster Sports has maintained the same values on which their company was founded. Their mission is dedicated to their customer focus, by creating tennis ball machines and other tennis accessories that are made to last, fun to use, and health-conscious.

Lobster Sports has created some of the best-selling and highest-quality tennis ball machines on the market. They offer both battery-operated and electric-powered machines. Lobster Sports creates tennis machines that are designed with the latest technology available.

Lobster Elite Grand Five Tennis Ball Machine
Whether you’re a beginner tennis player or a seasoned professional, the Lobster Tennis Ball Machine will help you improve your game. Their top-selling elite and grand ball machines have various options to choose from so you can pick the ball machine with the perfect specifications for you.

Sports Tutor Tennis Machines

Located in Burbank, CA, Sports Tutor manufacturers and sells a variety of tennis ball machines and other sporting goods. They pride themselves on their Sports Tutor Ball Machine, which has remained a #1 best seller over the last thirty years. They offer the most extensive selection of tennis ball machines of any manufacturer.

Sports Tutor offers a unique trifecta for a tennis ball machine manufacturer: they design, test, and perform quality control all on their own tennis machines! Sports Tutor aims to get a real-life feel of the success of their products by testing them. Their products are fully created and assembled in the USA.

Playmate Tennis Ball Machines

Playmate tops the charts when it comes to innovative and exciting new tennis ball machines. Starting in 1973, with their original Playmate Tennis Ball Machine, Playmate has continued to evolve and adapt its product offerings over the years. Though they have various tennis ball machine products, they specialize in commercial electric tennis ball machines.

In 2001, Playmate created the very first hand-held, touch-screen tennis ball machine. Today, their unique tennis ball machines are known on the courts for their green, rugged aluminum exteriors. 

Siboasi Tennis Ball Machines

Established in 2016, Siobasi is a newer tennis ball machine manufacturer that has recently gained popularity. This company is based in China and imports its ball machines to many countries worldwide. Siboasi Tennis Ball Machines are becoming popular due to their affordable price and quality construction.

Siboasi specializes in several types of ball machines, which include basketball shooting machines, tennis machines, volleyball machines, and many other sporting goods products. Siboasi’s entire product line is gaining a lot of attention, including their ball machines. With six great models to choose from, Siboasi makes a machine for every age and skill level.

Siboasi S2021C Tennis Ball Machine Back

Gamma Stringing Machine

GAMMA is a family-owned and operated company that strives to make its customers feel connected. They specialize in high-caliber pickleball and tennis equipment. Gamma offers a large variety of tennis products, including their top-selling stringing machines. Other products Gamma offers include tennis grips and strings, ball hoppers, pickleballs, pickleball paddles, and more!

For over 45 years, Gamma Stringing Machines have earned customers’ trust thanks to their high-quality customer service support. Their customer service representatives are excellent to answer any and all questions you may have about their products. Gamma Sports wants to help you unlock your athletic potential.

Tourna Stringing Machine

Tourna Stringing Machines began in 1972 with a tennis grip product designed to help improve the game. What started as a small company in a tiny, two-bedroom apartment is now a family-owned business that strives to provide creative and unique products to help tennis players keep improving their game.

Tourna creates 75% of its products here in the USA and offers competitive pricing.

What to Look for when Buying a Tennis Machine

Oscillation & Programmable Drills

A tennis ball machine’s oscillation abilities is a very important factor to consider. The oscillation will dictate which types of shots you will see from the machine. Tennis machines with limited or no oscillation features are perfect for beginners. However, as you continue to evolve as a player, you will want more oscillation features to challenge yourself.

In addition to the oscillation features, some machines offer programmable drills. These programmable drills are made to simulate a real player. The tennis machine will send shots all over the court with varying spins and speeds. 

Some of the higher end ball machines have 12+ pre-programmed drills that will give you a great workout. If you are looking to become a great player, these drills will certainly give you a challenge. Not only that, but they will also get you in shape as they offer a great workout. What machines offer programmable drills? Below we put together a list:

  • Tennis Tutor Plus Player Model – The Tennis Tutor Plus offers drills for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players. The computer programmed drills match real life players. 
  • Lobster Elite Grand IV, V, and V LE

Tennis Ball Capacity

When you are practicing it is important to get into a rhythm. One of the main factors you should look at when purchasing a tennis ball machine is the ball capacity. The higher the ball capacity, the longer you will be able to practice without breaking. 

Stopping every 5 minutes to pick up the tennis balls gets old. With a large ball capacity, you will be able to get in rhythm and get a sweat going. I recommend a tennis ball machine with a capacity of at least 150 tennis balls, especially for more experienced players. There are plenty of options out there with the capacity to hold 150 or more tennis balls at once. Some ball machines even have capacities upwards of 250. 

Sports Tutor Prolite Tennis Ball Machine

Top Speeds

Oscillation and drills are probably the two most important factors when purchasing a machine, however, you will also need to look at the speed. 

If you are looking for a machine that will challenge you then you will want to make sure the top end speeds match (or are higher) than the competition of your current age bracket. If you are looking for a ball machine that you will grow into over time, then make sure the top speed of the machine you choose is much higher than the speeds you are currently seeing.

Benefits of a Tennis Ball Machine

Practice Anytime

Don’t have a reliable training partner? That is not a concern when you have a tennis ball machine. Ball machines are up for practice anytime, anywhere so you no longer have to rely on someone else to practice your tennis game. Training partners can be unreliable and cause major frustration if they are not on the same schedule as you.

The only thing you have to worry about with a ball machine is if the battery is charged and ready to go. Once you have the battery charged, or an electrical outlet for electric machines, than you can get out on the court and start practicing.

Practice More Efficiently

Not only are you able to practice with yourself but you can get a higher quality workout in with your tennis ball machine. How? Well, they are highly efficient as they continuously shoot different types of shots.

Whether you are looking to have an intense practice or just an easy one is up to you. With your machine you set your own pace and don’t have to match up with anyone else’s schedule. Sounds perfect right?

With a tennis partner you have to wait for them to get ready and set, locate the tennis ball after each shot, and possibly take breaks when they tire out. With a tennis machine you can push yourself to practice longer, harder, and more efficiently.

Challenge Yourself

Tennis ball machines offer a high-end practice. Higher end machines, such as the Lobster Elite Grand V & the Spinshot Plus, offer pre-programmed drills that will challenge you more than most people. With the more advanced tennis machines, you will have the ability to make your practice harder and harder as you continue to progress as a player.

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