Siboasi S2021C Tennis Ball Machine

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  • Remote Control: Spin, Speed, Deep and Frequency
  • Ball Capacity: 150 Tennis Balls
  • Deep and Shallow ball training program
  • Top speeds of 87 mph
  • Feed Rate: 2-6 Seconds
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Siboasi S2021C Tennis Ball Machine

Portability- Help you solve the problem of machine movement by attaching wheels to the bottom of the machine, so you can easily push it to your side.

Large ball capacity- The ball capacity of the tennis machine is very important for purchase. The more balls the machine can handle, the less time you spend walking around and picking up the balls again.

Durable and Durable- There is nothing worse than dragging a non-operating ball machine to your local waste dump, so be sure to feel the outside of the equipment itself and see if the internal work is protected.

High Ball Speed- This is how difficult you want your ball machine to launch tennis balls at you!

Remote Control- If you don’t want to drag your feet to the other side of the net every time you need to change the smallest things on the dome settings, then you will need some kind of remote control technology selection.

Siboasi S2021C Review

Additional information

Weight46 lbs
Dimensions20.8 × 16.9 × 29.9 in




Shipping Type

UPS Ground

Feed Rate

2-6 Seconds

Ball Capacity

150 Tennis Balls

Warranty Length

2 Years


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