Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine

Every Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine is top notch. Spinshot Sports produces affordable and high-quality tennis ball machines to help players improve their game. All without the limitations of training partners or coaches. They pride themselves on having an edge over their competitors! They manage this by manufacturing tennis machines that are simple to use, even for beginner tennis players.

In addition to their simple to use machines, their match-play performance technology simulates real tennis matches. Additionally, this technology allows players to prepare for real game action. Spinshot Ball Machines have a high-quality metal exterior, which allows them to withstand more wear and tear than comparable tennis machines made with plastic. Spinlife also offers a comprehensive 2-year warranty on all their machines, providing peace of mind for their customers. 

Spinshot Lite Tennis Ball Machine

The Spinshot Lite Ball Machine, Spinshot’s entry-level model, is perfect to improve your tennis game. The portable design allows it to be ultra-lightweight. This allows you to take it on the road to any court you’d like to play on. This machine can deliver balls up to 37 miles per hour, with varying ball feed rates between two and ten seconds. The entire product weighs only 19 to 22 pounds.

Spinshot Pro

The Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine is the lightest weight in its class of comparable ball machines. Multifunction speed control, with horizontal and vertical oscillations, keeps you on the move. The battery allows for 2 to 3 hours of play, so you’ll be able to frequently practice with your Spinshot Pro Ball Machine.

One extra cool feature of the Spinshot Pro model is the Remote Watch. The Remote Watch allows you to control the ball feed right from your wrist. Using the Spinshot Pro is perfect for an intermediate tennis player looking to replicate real game scenarios to improve their capabilities.

Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine

The Spinshot Plus is the ultimate tennis ball machine for intermediate and advanced tennis players. The two-line horizontal and vertical oscillation cycles through a wide variety of different types of shots, at ball speeds up to 68 miles per hour. The Plus model has all the latest technology in tennis ball machines, including control of machine settings through Spinshot’s Drill Maker phone app. Simply use the phone application to set your ball machine up exactly as you’d like. Users love the many ways the Spinshot plus allows them to customize their tennis practice to work on specific playing skills that need improvement.

Spinshot Player

The Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine is the most advanced battery-operated portable tennis machine available. This machine has everything you need to become a tennis pro. Available in both standard and premium high spin models, users can purchase the model that is best suited for their individual needs. The high spin models use a more powerful motor which can deliver falls even faster. It comes with 12 pre-programmed drills that give you every possible shot position that can come your way. Investing in the Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine is a surefire way to improve your tennis game in no time.

Spinshot Pickleball Machine

Spinshot applies their excellent tennis machine technology to create a machine specifically for pickleball. The Spinshot Pickleball Machine is user friendly, allowing pickleball players of any age to enjoy the machine. Each of the programmed twelve drills change the height, direction, and speed of shots to help you be prepared for any shot coming your way. The Pickleball machine uses the Drill Maker app (for iPhone or Android), so you can spend less time programming settings of your pickleball machine and more time practicing.

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