Lobster Tennis Ball Machine

Since 1970, the Lobster Tennis Ball Machine has been a staple for tennis practices. Lobster Sports, Inc. has understood what it takes to run a good business. From increasing customer satisfaction, perfecting their product, to pleasing vendors, Lobster Sports has earned the astounding reputation they have today. Lobster Sports seeks to create quality sports equipment products with a total dedication to their customers.

Their company mission, which is based on foundations of integrity, discipline, passion, honesty, and respect, are why customers continue to purchase their high-quality sports equipment and products. Lobster Sports offers an extensive product line up of sporting good products. Their product line includes both battery and electric ball machines, pickleball machines, accessories, court equipment and more.

Lobster Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

The Lobster Elite Liberty is one of the best mid-line tennis ball machines that Lobster Sports has to offer. This machine is perfect for both beginners and intermediate players. The oversized wheel design and foldable handle is perfect for players who are frequently on the move to different courts. The Lobster Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine can support 2 to 4 hours of playtime on the court. The long battery life assure that you won’t have to worry about frequent recharges throughout the day. This battery ball machine can throw at varying speeds from low to high, including speeds up to 80 miles per hour.

Lobster Elite One

For players serious about improving their tennis game, the Lobster Elite One is the perfect choice for an affordable tennis ball machine with advanced features. The Lobster Elite One features several battery charging options to choose from, depending on your needs and frequency of travel. You will be able to choose from either battery operation, electric, or a combination. This tennis ball machine features extra court time of 4 to 8 hours, when compared to the Elite Liberty model at 2 to 4 hours. The Lobster Elite One will allow you to improve your tennis game, reaction time, and more, all at an affordable price.

Lobster Elite Three Tennis Ball Machine

The Lobster Elite Three is another solid model in Lobster Sports product line up, best for intermediate and advanced tennis players. This first-class tennis ball machine accurately simulates professional matches, allowing you to perfect and elevate your tennis skills. The triple oscillation and two-line drill will allow you to practice different types of shots, including overheads and smash shots. The Lobster Elite Three features various power options to choose from as well. This allows you to customize the product based on your needs.

Lobster Elite Grand IV Tennis Ball Machine

If you’re serious about improving your tennis experience and skill, the Lobster Elite Grand IV model is sure to impress you. This machine offers cutting-edge technology designed to make you feel like you’re really playing against a human being. The six varying shot drills allow you to prepare to play even the most challenging of players. It prepares you for almost any type of ball thrown your way. The Elite Grand IV can throw balls at speeds from 35 to 80 miles per hour and will last you 4 to 8 hours on the court.

Lobster Elite Grand V

Looking for one step up from the Lobster Elite Grand IV? The Elite Grand V offers all the same top-of-the-line features as the Elite Grand IV. However, it also adds in even more custom drills and shot locations to help you improve your skill. This machine is great for serious tennis players that need a real challenge. The twelve pre-loaded court drills will provide a new level of simulation to prepare you to play against some of the best tennis players out there. The varying oscillation features help simulate all types of real tennis hits that are seen during match play.

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