Lobster Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine

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Lobster Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine

The elite two tennis ball machine is one of Lobster Sports’ best-selling products. The outstanding feature of the elite two is its triple oscillation function, which simulates match play by combining vertical and horizontal oscillation to throw balls throughout the entire court – left, right, short, and deep. The horizontal “sweep” allows for random ball throws to the forehand, backhand, and center positions in a random pattern. Vertical oscillation allows for balls to be thrown at random depths throughout the court. You can use either oscillation feature individually or both in combination.

The elite two challenges tennis players of all levels and experience, helping to improve reaction time, overall fitness, foot speed and agility. This battery-operated tennis ball machine is a reliable hitting partner that launches all kinds of throws, including sky-high lobs, blistering speeds of 80 mph, both top and backspin, to take your training to new levels. The many features included on the elite two will help develop all strokes, taking practice beyond backhands and forehands. The elite’s sleek hopper holds 150 balls and the long-lasting, high-capacity, rechargeable battery will supply 4 to 8 hours of court time.

Included with the machine is Lobster’s standard dual-voltage charger (100-240v) which has built-in trickle technology to ensure your battery will never overcharge. The charge time ranges from 12 – 24 hours depending on battery level. Additional power supply options including ac/dc are available from Lobster Sports. Built with 8 inch, all-terrain wheels, the elite can easily travel over any surface and onto the court. At 44 pounds, the compact design with inverting hopper and folding metal handle makes it easy to transport the machine in any vehicle as well as easy to store when not in use.

Lobster Elite Two Features

Triple Oscillation- The Lobster Sports elite two tennis ball machine is built with unique triple oscillation. It oscillates both vertically and horizontally, the first engineering design in tennis ball machines to simulate match play.

Durable Yet Lightweight- This tennis ball machine was designed to hold up against frequent use. Weighing only 42 pounds, the elite two is easy to load into your vehicle and unload. The durable elite two challenges tennis players of all levels.

Battery Life- Lobster Sports has designed the elite two with a long-lasting, high-capacity battery. A four- to eight-hour battery life helps ensure plenty of court time between recharges.

Improve Your Game- The elite two tennis ball machine has multiple features for helping tennis players improve their reaction time and overall game. Practice against sky-high lobs and blistering speeds of 80 mph. Feed rate: 2-12 seconds

Challenges All Strokes- This battery-operated tennis ball machine will challenge all your strokes, not just the forehand and backhand. The elite two combines a great price with never-seen triple oscillation.

Lobster Elite Two Review

Additional information

Weight42 lbs
Dimensions29 × 15.5 × 21 in
Ball Capacity

150 Tennis Balls


Lobster Sports


Red, White

Feed Rate

2-12 Seconds

Shipping Type

UPS Ground

Warranty Length

2 Years


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