Playmate Tennis Ball Machine

Playmate Tennis Machines has been in the game since 1973, when tennis ball machines first came on the market. Over the years, the Playmate Tennis Ball Machine has become more advanced in its product offerings and features. Located in Morrisville, NC, Playmate continues to be a major player in the tennis market in the United States and around the world. Their unique tennis machine offerings are constructed with some of the highest quality materials and the most recent technology.

iGenie Ball Machine

The iGenie is the newest Playmate Tennis Ball Machine. This machine features 10 distinct programmable shots and can hold up to 300 balls! Thanks to the large ball hopper, you won’t have to keep refilling your tennis machine thanks to the large capacity. The user-friendly controller is simple to operate by any tennis player. Also, the Playmate iGenie Tennis Ball Machine connects to your iPhone or iPad so you can create and save customized tennis drills to enhance your practice.

iPLAYMATE Tennis Workout Tracker

This specialized technology uses Bluetooth to connect to your ball machine using a special receiver box. This unique technology so you can keep track of your most important tennis statistics. Use the iPlaymate to track your workouts, track your balls hit, and compare your results. Additionally, this device allows you to design your own advanced tennis drills to keep yourself constantly challenged. The iPlaymate works with most of the Playmate Tennis Ball Machines including the Volley Tennis Machine.

Grand Slam Tennis Machine

The Grand Slam Tennis Machine lives up to its name. This tennis ball machine can throw many types of spin up to 120 miles per hour! This machine is perfect for league or group use, as it can hold up to 300 tennis balls. The Grand Slam Tennis Machine has everything you want and need in a tennis machine. Even better, it is backed by a 3-year limited parts warranty.

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