Playmate iSmash Tennis Machine

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  • Ball Capacity: 300 Tennis Balls
  • Top speed of 90 mph
  • Oscillation: Electronic 7 shot programmable horizontal/player
  • Spin: Variable topspin and backspin
  • Weight: 104 lbs.
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Playmate iSmash Tennis Machine

Playmate iSmash Ball Machine is light-weight, directional and holds up to 300 tennis balls. With its user-friendly control panel, you can tailor your practice sessions to meet your individual needs.

As the base model, the iSmash Ball Machine is interchangeable with all control panels from the other Playmate ball machines. You can purchase this machine now and buy upgrades later that turn it into the DEUCE or the GENIE. Also, you can use it with your iPhone and iPad. Adaptable features include a seven shot sequence with a random setting, variable feed rate, variable speed and variable height. It is a great-quality ball machine to hold all of your tennis balls while easy to operate and maneuver. Practice lobs, volleys and groundstrokes randomly and when you are ready.. Its ball delivery system lets you dial-in and choose ball direction, trajectories and elevation. The machine is designed for everyday use by the teaching professionals and the players. All Playmate Ball Machines are available with 220 volt wiring. Improve your game and have a blast!

iSmash Tennis Machine Features

  • Oscillation: Electronic 7 shot programmable horizontal/player
  • Ball Capacity: 300 Balls
  • Weight: 104 lbs
  • Speed: 90
  • Upgradeable and interchangeable
  • Remote: On / Off Remote Control (drill reset)
  • Spin: Variable topspin and backspin
  • Serve-Lift friendly
  • Power: AC
  • Electronic elevation
  • Compatible with all control panels

3 Year Limited Parts Warranty

Additional information

Weight104 lbs




Shipping Type

UPS Ground

Warranty Length

3 Years

Ball Capacity

300 Tennis Balls


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