Siboasi Tennis Ball Machine

Siboasi Tennis Ball Machines, established in 2006, is the #1 tennis machine manufacturer in China. Located in Dongguan City, GD, China, they focus on creating many smart sports products. They export their products to over 100 countries, as they provide affordable tennis machines with exceptional quality. In addition to their tennis machines, Siboasi also offers other sporting goods equipment such as squash ball machines, basketball shooting machines, volleyball machines, and more. Siboasi has focused their business development strategy on continually bettering their products for the last 15 years.

Siboasi Tennis Ball Machine Model S2021C

The S2021C Tennis Ball Machine features an ergonomic design, designed to be easy to use for any tennis planner. The ball holder holds 150 tennis balls, so you won’t have to worry about frequent refills. This tennis machine is perfect for travel, featuring a luggage type telescopic rod which allows it to quickly disassemble and assemble. This means you can fold up your tennis machine and place it in the trunk of your car! In addition to its neat foldable design, the included remote control is excellent to control the frequency, speed, spin, and other ball modes.

Siboasi Model T1600

The Siboasi Tennis Ball Machine T1600 is perfect for intermediate skill-level players. It features an advanced battery-operated power which allows you to replicate real-life tennis. Whether you choose to use one of the many pre-set drills, or create a custom drill, you’ll love the ability to change the location, speed, ball spin, and other important settings. This model features a battery with a 4-to-5-hour battery life for prolonged play time. This tennis ball machine also features an ultra-sleek back design and black wheels.

Siboasi Portable Tennis Ball Machine S2015

The Siboasi Portable Tennis Ball Machine S2015 is the perfect tennis ball machine for individuals, schools, clubs, leagues, and more! Featuring a bright red design, you’ll be sure to stand out on the courts. This tennis ball machine also features a foldable design to make transportation a breeze. This machine can throw balls at customized frequencies between 1.8 to 8 seconds at speeds of up 90 miles per hour! This all-around tennis ball machine can be used by any skill level from beginners to advanced tennis players.

Siboasi Tennis Machine T2021C

This tennis machine is the perfect way to start getting into tennis! Designed especially for beginners or children, you can begin learning tennis in no time. The Siboasi Tennis Machine T2021C features a 50-ball capacity along with a lightweight design that is easy to move. The wireless remote control comes with each purchase which allows you to adjust the speed and frequency of the balls. This product is available with a fun, bright-yellow color!

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