Siboasi S3169 Stringing Machine


  • Sturdy and Saving Time
  • 3 adjustable pull speeds from slow to fast
  • Precision tension control of 10 – 90lb
  • 360-degree turntable rotation base
  • 3 steps of assembly and disassembly
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Siboasi S3169 Tennis Ball Machine

The highly specialised SIBOASI stringing machines provide optimal performance stringing for badminton, squash and tennis rackets. They convince with easy usage and are regularly used at top tournaments with professional stringers. S3169 is our best racket stringing machine with LCD interface with both english and chinese language control panel,it’s intelligent Mirco-computer system control with automatic pound correction function,to assure precision ±0.1 pound.There’re 4 sets pound memory and 3 Stringing speed could be set as user’s request.
The S3169 machine has constant pull tensioning system and Round work plate with synchronous racket clipping system. The stringing head has the string protection system,which can be adjusted according to the stringing route.

S3169 Tennis Machine Features

Stringing Machine- SIBOASI racket stringer machine is specially designed for tennis and badminton enthusiasts. Unique adjustable knob design to easily switch the tennis racket and badminton racquet, automatic clamp base to string more convenient and saving time, and come with sturdy height stand.

Precision Tension- Control panel with advanced stringing functions and programming, Precision tension control of 10 – 90lb (4.5 – 40.9kg) with 360-degree turntable rotation base. Easy switch rackets for beginner or advanced.

Electronic Function- Store memory function to set 4 groups of weighing, 3 adjustable pull speeds from slow to fast, 4 levels of pre-stretch, Knot function increases tension on Tie-Off pulls, Convenient timer function.

Assembly- 3 steps of assembly and disassembly: Lock the screw of the base, Lock the screw of the head, Lock the screw of the work plate. Includes 3 hex wrenches, Starting clamp, Awl, Wirecutter, Pliers, Charger, String hook, (Fuse).

Lifetime Guarantee- Our machine and parts are covered with a lifetime warranty. We ensure that all products arrive at you without defects; 7/24 friendly customer service. Purchase 100% risk-free. Shipping by Express which takes 8 days.

S3169 Tennis Machine Review

Additional information

Weight143.3 lbs
Dimensions39.37 × 17.32 × 42.91 in




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