Rally Master Tennis Backboard

About Rally Master Backboards

Rally Master Backboards feature an industry-leading warranty of 20 years, longer than any other backboard on the market. These innovative tennis backboards work to help develop proper ground strokes and other essential skills for developing tennis players. Using a tough, flexible plastic sheet and hardware that resists corrosion, Rally Master guarantees durability.

Also, Rally Master Backboards offers a more extensive selection than some other tennis backboard manufacturers. Whether you need a tennis backboard for personal use or facility use, you cannot go wrong with a Rally Master Backboard.

Rally Master suggests a 10’ by 12’ wide backboard for individual or intermediate to advanced tennis players. In contrast, they recommend a larger, 10’ x 16’ or 10’ x 28’ tennis backboard for beginner tennis players.

Popular Rally Master Backboards

Rally Master 10×16 Back-Sloped Backboard (8 Degrees)

Many serious tennis players and coaches love the back-slope of the Rally Master 10×16 Back-Sloped Backboard. The specialized slope allows players to have more time to prepare for the shot. In addition, it orients the player farther away from the practice wall.

The dense construction of the solid panel cannot be punctured like other fiberglass tennis backboards. Furthermore, they resist splitting and wear and tear. This top-of-the-line tennis backboard can safely withstand the elements, allowing for years of enjoyment. The top reasons to choose this Rally Master model include the versatility, vandal resistance, reduced sound, and quality of blackboard panels.

Rally Master 10×12 Tennis Backboard

If a slanted tennis backboard is not of interest, you might like the Rally Master 10×12 Tennis Backboard. This product has a standard flat surface, constructed with only the finest materials. Not to mention, players can add the optional catch net, which mounts on top of the backboard using steel brackets. 

Rally Master boasts about the easy installation of this tennis backboard model. They’ve recently upgraded the mounting system to provide a universal bracket to make installation easier for their customers. There’s a reason many tennis enthusiasts love this top-rated backboard.

Rally Master 10×32 Tennis Backboard

The ultra-large Rally Master 10×32 Tennis Backboard is the largest tennis backboard offered by Rally Master. This tennis backboard’s width allows it to provide adequate space for two players to use it at once. In addition, the dense panel construction will eliminate frustrating noises when using the backboard.

For an investment of this size, the twenty-year warranty offered by Rally Master is critical. As such, many health clubs and tennis centers choose Rally Master for frequently used tennis backboards.

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