Rally Master 10×24 Back-Sloped Backboard (8 Degrees)


  • 8-degree back-sloped backboard
  • Each 4’ x 10’ panel weighs 150 lbs.
  • Simulate actual ground strokes and returns
  • Dense, solid panels
  • Allows more time to prepare for the shot

Rally Master 10x24 Back-Sloped Backboard

An 8-degree back-slope on a backboard provides a lofted ball return that will land further away from the board compared to the flatter, shorter rebound off a flat wall. Some players and coaches prefer the lofted return because it allows more time to prepare for the shot and places the player further from the practice wall. When considering a back-sloped model, remember that the bottom of the backboard will encroach 30” into the court compared with the 4” of intrusion of a flat backboard. Back-sloped models are often placed on the side of court rather than behind the baseline where run back-space is more critical.

If you want to significantly improve your tennis games, the Rally Master 10×24 Tennis Backboard is the key. No partner? No problem! This top-of-the-line tennis blackboard will stimulate actual ground strokes and returns, giving you the opportunity to practice until your heart’s content.

Rally masters are created from dense, flexible 10’ x 4’ plastic panels, delivering superior durability and performance. With dense and solid panels, color is molded all the way through, making it difficult to rupture or split the backboard. Do not worry because this tennis backboard will not fade like a painted fiberglass backboard nor will it be too harsh on your ears. Decibel reading tests have consistently shown the rebound sound level of a Rally Master Backboard was indistinguishable from that of a leading fiberglass manufacturer’s model.

10x24 Back-Sloped Tennis Backboard Features

Backboard Panels- Solid-core, dense plastic with the rich color molded directly into the panel.  Density and flexibility combine to make Rally Master the most durable backboard on the market.  Rally Master backboards include an industry-leading 20-year warranty.
Reduced Sound- Rally Masters patent-pending vibration dampeners and mounting technique substantially reduce rebound noise.  Decibel readings indicate that a tennis ball hitting a Rally Master Backboard is no louder than a tennis ball hitting a tennis racket, and even quieter than a basketball being dribbled on an asphalt court.
Vandal Resistance- The unique Rally Master panel design combines solid dense plastic, enhance with unmatched flexibility and strength. 
Versatility- Backboard practice is also great for soccer, lacrosse, and basketball.  These uses can ruin other types of backboards.
Permanent Net Line- Rally Master net lines are permanently etched into the panels.
Mountings System- Rally Master has made installation simple by developing a faster panel mounting system.  It provides a universal fence bracket that allows the installer to quickly adjust the strut alignment to compensate for fence posts that are slightly bent or out of plumb.
Corrosion Resistant Hardware- Panels are mounted to heavy-duty, galvanized cross braces that are attached to vertical posts using galvanized hardware for unmatched durability.
Sizing- Rally Master Backboards are manufactured in 10′ x 4′ panels.  The minimum size available for purchase is 10′ x 12′.  There is no limit on length, the only requirement being that the total length is divisible by four feet.

Rally Master Warranty

Rally Master warrants that all their Panels and mounting components shall be free from structural failure for a period of twenty years from the date of shipping. Rally Master’s sole obligation under the warranty shall be to repair or replace the defective part(s) only at its sole and absolute option. Rally Master will, at their sole and absolute discretion, determine whether a part repair or part replacement is required. If a part inspection is required prior to our determination, customer will send us the part, pre-paid freight. Customer is responsible for all freight charges on parts repaired or replacement under this warranty. Normal wear and tear, damage through Acts Of God, misuse, improper installation, vandalism, and any claim that is not for structural failure are excluded. Rally Master “Catch Nets” and support poles are not covered by a warranty.

Rally Master Tennis Backboard Review

Additional information

Weight900 lbs
Dimensions288 × 120 in

Rally Master



Shipping Type

UPS Ground

Warranty Length

20 Years


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