Tennis Tutor Ball Machine

Located in Burbank, California, the Tennis Tutor Ball Machine is a trusted and recognizable name in the tennis market. Tennis Tutor has the largest selection of tennis machines in the world. With Tennis Tutor you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for with their product line up.

Sports Tutor is the only manufacturer of tennis machines which designs, tests, and performs quality control all on-site at their own factory! This control, from start to finish of the manufacturing process, allows Sports Tutor to constantly perfect their tennis machine product line up.

Tennis Twist Ball Machine

The Tennis Twist is the perfect tennis machine for beginner tennis players just starting out! Additionally, the simple design is easy for any new player, including kids who are just starting to play tennis. Every five seconds, this tennis machine shoots a ball. This allows kids to start to get accustomed to hitting balls.

The Tennis Twist Ball Machine is an affordable way to start practicing today! The Twist has a lightweight design. Weighing only 11 pounds, means it is easily transportable to local tennis courts or parks. Whether you’re a new adult player or a kid, the Tennis Twist will start you on your tennis playing journey.

Tennis Tutor Ball Machine

The Tennis Tutor Ball Machine is a top-selling portable tennis machine worldwide, as it is jam packed with excellent features for a reasonable price. Like its name suggests, this ball machine has everything you need to start improving your tennis game. The portability of this machine is perfect to take around to various tennis courts without worrying about a hassle.

This tennis machine can throw balls up to 85 miles per hour, with adjustable ball feed frequency settings. You will get a full six hours of playing time per single charge! The built-in oscillator allows you to practice randomly thrown shots and improve your skill set.

Tennis Tutor Cube Ball Machine

The Tennis Cube is for players who want an affordable, easy to transport ball machine. Sports Tutor’s Cube is perfect for beginners and intermediate players to improve their skills. This compact machine can hold up to 70 balls, so you’ll be able to keep hitting the ball one after another without needing to refill.

The Tennis Cube Ball Machine throws balls at 10 to 50 miles per hour, the perfect speed for beginner and intermediate tennis players. Even better, the rechargeable battery will allow you up to two hours on the court to practice. However, it comes with a simple smart battery charger to quickly recharge for the next day!

Tennis Tower

If you’re looking for a tennis machine to use on a home court with electric power, the Tennis Tower is the model for you. This tennis machine features a built-in oscillator to deliver shots randomly across the court, allowing you to practice your forehand and backhand shots.

The exciting player model allows tennis players to simulate playing a real tennis player, with automatic adjustments to side and depth of shots. Additionally, the Tennis Tower can hold 225 balls, thrown at varying speeds of 10 to 85 miles per hour. The Tennis Tower is exactly what you need to take your tennis skills to the next level.

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