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About Bakko Tennis Backboards

Bakko Backboards, located out of San Antonio, TX, offers durable tennis backboards to meet every tennis player’s needs. While its primary focus includes selling composite/fiberglass tennis backboards, Bakko also offers hockey enclosures and acoustic sound panels. Bakko earned a solid reputation within the tennis community over the last few years by offering high-quality backboards.

In terms of product selection, Bakko offers several types of backboards. This includes economy flat, professional flat, slimline flat, or curved options. In addition, every Bakko Backboard comes with a ten-year limited warranty. The warranty covers structural issues or manufacturing defects. Also, a one-year warranty is included as well, which will cover cosmetic flaws such as peeling, fading, or wear. 

Popular Bakko Tennis Backboards

Bakko Economy Flat Series Backboard

Bakko Economy Flat Series Backboard, their most affordable option, comes in several sizes. Compared to wood backboards which rot in a few years, this backboard will last significantly longer. The durability comes from fiberglass materials with a gel-coated shell. In addition, this material works to help reduce sounds.

When selecting any backboard to purchase, you’ll want to make sure you have adequate space. Always measure carefully before purchasing. The most affordable Bakko Economy Flat Series size is the 8’ x 12’. 

Bakko Professional Series Backboard

Bakko’s oldest model, the Professional Flat Series, remains the best quality they have to offer. The thick, 2.5-inch panels, constructed with metal interior frames, work to eliminate sounds as you improve your tennis game. Each panel features a UV protective gel coating layer that holds up in any weather. For frequent users concerned about finding a long-lasting tennis backboard, the Professional Series delivers.

Many country clubs, sports arenas, and private tennis court owners choose Bakko’s Professionals Series. Consider it an investment in improving your tennis game!

Bakko Single Curve Series Backboard

Skilled players and professionals often prefer curved backboards, as they closely emulate a real tennis match. Bakko’s Single Curve Series Backboard features the same great specifications as the popular Professional series, except with a curved shape. Day or night, this superior curved backboard delivers a chance to practice and prepare for a tennis match.

Many tennis camps and clubs opt for the Bakko Single Curve Series Backboard for multi-player use.


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