Bakko Single Curve Series Backboard (10’x12′,16′,20′)


  • Simulates a tennis match
  • Curved from top to bottom
  • First choice by players and professionals
  • Warm-up and workout
  • 10 Year Warranty

Bakko Single Curve Series Backboard

Made similarly to the 10’ Professional Flat Series however curved from top to bottom. Logic of this backboard is it simulates a tennis match while you still achieve practice, warm-up and workout. When you hit the ball up, it tends to come back down toward your feet. If you hit it down, it tends to return up, like an opponent should in a match. Sideways, you still must run for the ball, just like a match. On-going studies on Bakko’s test court reveal this backboard is first choice by players and professionals (if price is not a major consideration). The bottom and top project monimally from fence 6’ due to curve, not very obtrusive. Typically purchased by tennis camps, clubs and extreme tennis enthusiasts.

Bakko Warranty

Bakko Bak Bord will honor a ten (10) year pro-rated limited warranty for our tennis backboards. The warranty includes issues such as structural integrity of each panel, no major warping, peeling, delaminating/separating or decomposition of panels. A one (1) year warranty applies to the Imron paint used for the exterior of the panels; this includes cracking, peeling, fading and oxidation. Imron, while the most expensive and an airplane/automobile grade paint, will eventually show signs of age, especially when exposed constantly to the outdoors. The signs include oxidation and light color fading. Different areas will experience paint deterioration quicker than other, for example Hawaii and Florida, with high salt content in the air, tropical climate and intense sun will experience oxidation faster than a state like Nebraska. The location and direction the backboard is situated in accordance to direct sun can also cause longevity of paint. If questions arise regarding panels oxidizing, please contact us and we can assist you in steps to restore your backboard.

Additional information

Dimensions144 × 120 in




Shipping Type

UPS Ground

Warranty Length

10 Year


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