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About Tourna Stringing Machines

In 1972, Tourna created their first best-selling product, designed to enhance the grip on tennis racquets. Since then, they’ve expanded their product offerings to include many other tennis-related accessories. This includes ball pickups, strings, and tennis stringing machines.

Each of Tourna’s precision-crafted tennis stringing machines comes backed with a solid warranty and extra-durable construction. Tourna offers both table-top and free-standing machines. Regardless of which you select, choosing Tourna delivers both quality and longevity. This one-year warranty includes parts and electrical failures.

Tourna offers a variety of tennis stringing machines, ranging in price from affordable to high-end. Explore some of the most popular Tourna stringing machines below:

Popular Tourna Stringing Machines

Tourna 150-CS Tennis Stringing Machine

Tourna’s 150-CS model, its most affordable product, offers many attractive features that set it apart from other stringing machines on the market. For example, the ultra-smooth track base. Not to mention, it also features a space-saving design. In addition, this machine comes equipped with a rule and every tool you’ll need to get started tightening your racquets.

If you’re an individual tennis player or a less-frequent tennis player, this stringing machine is perfect for your needs. It can get the job done, without breaking the bank! If you’re a regular player or have multiple people that will use the machine, you may want to opt for one of Tourna’s more advanced models.

Tourna 300-CS Crank Tennis Stringing Machine

Some intermediate or more advanced tennis players prefer crank-operated tennis stringing machines for their speed. This speedy Tourna 300-CS Tennis Stringing Machine is able to tighten your racquet’s strings in a jiff. In contrast, the cheaper Tourna model mentioned above used a drop-weight system instead of a crank operation.

The Tourna 300-CS Crank Tennis Stringing Machine has several high-end features, without the expensive price. As such, this excellent option offers tremendous value. The upgraded CNC precision clamps make operation smooth, simple, and easy. Also, this free-standing stringing machine has been constructed with durability in mind. Make the investment in a tennis stringing machine and skip the trips to the store!

Tourna 600 ES Constant Pull Tennis Stringing Machine

Another step up, the Tourna 600 ES Tennis Stringing Machine features more customizable options. With six selectable pull speeds ranging from slow to fast, this machine is all about customization. Tennis players have more options to make stringing their racquet perfectly suited to their needs. In addition, this model features eight memory settings. This allows users to return their favorite, customized setting every time they string their racquet.

In addition to the customizable features, the Tourna 600 ES Constant Pull Stringing Machine has stellar reviews. This popular, mid-range, tennis stringing machine remains a top seller.

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