Tennis Backboards

Why Buy a Tennis Backboard

Easier Practice

Purchasing a tennis backboard helps to enhance your tennis game and make practicing easier.  After all, the phrase reads “practice makes perfect!” Tennis backboards work by returning the ball back to the player, similarly to playing with a second player.

If you’re seeking to practice independently, a tennis backboard provides a simple solution! Practice your tennis game whenever you wish, rather than waiting around for a partner to play against.

Enhance Repetition and Consistency

Using a tennis backboard to practice offers many benefits to help you enhance your tennis skills. First off, you’ll enhance your high-quality stroke repetition, without having to consistently run for your tennis ball. In addition, some players indicate that using a tennis wall or backboard helps them improve their muscle memory.

Use Tennis Backboard for Drills

Tennis backboards also offer the option to try strategic consistency drills. When you use a tennis backboard to practice, some tennis players benefit from enhanced control and concentration. Using special tennis drills helps target areas where individual players need improvement.

Types of Tennis Backboards

Tennis Backboard Materials

Tennis backboards may be constructed using various materials. Years ago, tennis backboards were made of wood or brick materials. However, years of improvement have changed backboards quite a bit. Today, most tennis backboards use fiberglass with UV-protected paint. As tennis backboards are exposed to the elements, this helps ensure they hold up and retain their color. Some backboards may have a get coating.

Tennis Backboards: Flat or Curved?

In terms of types, you’ll notice tennis backboards are offered in both flat or curved options. A curved tennis backboard offers a more realistic option to simulate a real tennis match. For example, this Bakko Single Curve Series Backboard offers a slight curve to help players enhance their tennis skills.

However, flat tennis backboards prevent walls from damage, if used indoors. In comparison, flat backboards cost less and offer easier installation. Which tennis backboard you choose comes down to your personal preferences.

What size Tennis Backboard do I Buy?

The larger and wider the tennis backboard is, the more room for error the tennis play has. For beginner players, a wider backboard offers a more ideal playing space, while narrower backboards may be best suited for intermediate or advanced players. However, if two players use the backboard at the same time, select a wider tennis backboard.

We recommend considering a 16-foot minimum width for a backboard for two players. When considering which tennis backboard to purchase, also consider the intended usage. If you’re purchasing a tennis backboard to perform various drills, a wider space allows for more drill options.

For example, drills that require side-to-side action and aerobic drills work best with wider tennis backboards. Sports facilities and schools generally select wider backboards to allow multiple players to play at once.


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