Wilson Baiardo L Tennis Stringing Machine

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  • Manual up-down tilt
  • Weighs 99 lbs when assembled
  • Angled stand (7 degrees)
  • Mounting posts adjust inward
  • Six-point mounting system

Wilson Baiardo L Tennis Stringing Machine

The Baiardo L builds upon the architecture and design of the award-winning Wilson Baiardo machine with a commitment to lightweight efficiency and practicality. Weighing 20% lighter than the original Baiardo, this machine maintains a sleek look with a few new features: manual up-down tilt for ideal ergonomic design, five-teeth clamps to minimize string interference, mounting posts that adjust inward to better fit badminton racquets, and a reel rack on the floor stand that holds string reels for added convenience. Users can toggle between KG and LBS, select from three pulling speeds, adjust pre-stretch up to 20%, and tie off knots with 10% extra tension. Additional settings on the display include calibration, touch button sensitivity, and ability to view number of rackets strung. Machine comes with necessary assembly tools and quick set-up sheet to guide users. Machine must be assembled with at least two people.

Baiardo L Stringing Machine Features

  • Included stringing tools: starter clamp, needle nose pliers, cutter, awl; included assembly tools: all necessary Hex keys
  • Manual up-down tilt for practical ergonomic design and comfort
  • Weighs 20% less than original Wilson Baiardo
  • Height at maximum extension: 52″; Height at minimum extension: 41″; Width: 41″
  • Modular design allows for easy replacement and installation for a specific part
  • Additional function displays quantity of rackets strung by number of strings
  • Mounting posts adjust inward to better accommodate badminton rackets
  • Six-point mounting system with various sizes of inner support pads to adjust fit
  • Tensioning system includes multiple pull speeds and the ability to adjust the calibration if necessary
  • Angled stand (7 degrees) creates more room for user’s feet underneath machine

Additional information

Weight99 lbs
Dimensions41 × 52 in




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UPS Ground

Warranty Length

1 Year


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