Playmate iGenie Tennis Machine

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  • Ball Capacity: 300 Tennis Balls
  • Programmable Random Shot Sequence
  • Variable Topspin and Backspin
  • Serve Lift Friendly
  • 10 Distinct Programmable Shots
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Playmate iGenie Tennis Machine

The iGENIE is the easiest ball machine to use. Just select a Player Level and Select Shots to play. Or, don’t select anything and the iGENIE will start feeding an Easy Rally Ball straight ahead.

The Playmate iGenie Tennis Ball Machine lets you call the shots! With its 7 distinct programmable shots, you can program the machine to go from a slow forehand to an intense backhand within 1.5 seconds.

This tennis ball machine has something to offer all types of players and is fully capable with game simulation capacity. You can practice up to 7 shots in a practical game setting. It is ideal for teaching tennis to groups of students and to the individual player who wants to practice at home. Students can conduct drills including the ground stroke, approach, and lob to 2 lines feeding the balls every 1 ½ seconds. The lone player can throw 2 ground strokes followed by an approach shot then by a volley, followed by a lob. Daring doubles teams will also benefit from this Playmate tennis ball machine. Upgrade the machine whenever you want and make it an even more commanding tennis ball machine, the PLAYMATE PC. Its controller is also compatible with the Smash, Deuce and PC controllers.

iGenie Tennis Machine Features

  • 10 Distinct Programmable Shots
  • 10 Shot Delays
  • Programmable Random Shot Sequence
  • Holds 300 Balls
  • Variable Topspin and Backspin
  • iNTELLIGENT Direction Patterns with Programmable Random
  • Variable Electronic Height
  • User-friendly Controller
  • Serve Lift Friendly
  • 2 Function Remote Control
    (On/Off with drill reset)
  • 3 Year Limited Parts Warranty

iGenie Tennis Machine Review

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Shipping Type

UPS Ground

Warranty Length

3 Years

Ball Capacity

300 Tennis Balls


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