Playmate Grand Slam Tennis Machine

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  • Ball Capacity: 300 Tennis Balls
  • Top speed of 120 mph
  • 7 Distinct Programmable Shots
  • Programmable Random Shot Sequence
  • Any Slice or Kick
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Playmate Grand Slam Tennis Machine

The GRAND SLAM is the fastest ball machine in the world. It can throw any type of spin, including:

  • Left-handed Slice
  • Right-handed Slice
  • Left-handed Kick
  • Right-handed Kick
  • American Twist

The GRAND SLAM can land a 120 MPH serve every time. It can randomly serve to a player up the ‘T’, at the body, or out wide. The unique four wheel design allows the GRAND SLAM to grip the tennis ball like no other machine in the world. It can be used for return of serve for groups. It can simulate a 1st-serve, 2nd-serve combination to 2-lines. The options are endless!

Grand Slam Tennis Machine Features

  • 120 MPH Serves
  • Any Slice or Kick
  • 7 Distinct Programmable Shots
  • 7 Shot Delays
  • Programmable Random Shot Sequence
  • Great For Enhancing Ball Recognition Skills
  • Upgradeable and Interchangeable
    (Works with ALL Controllers)
  • Holds 300 Balls
  • 7 Position Programmable Electronic Direction with Programmable Random
  • Variable Electronic Height
  • User-friendly Controller
  • SERVE LIFT Friendly
  • 2 Function Remote Control
    (On/Off with drill reset)
  • 3 Year Limited Parts Warranty

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Shipping Type

UPS Ground

Warranty Length

3 Years

Ball Capacity

300 Tennis Balls


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